Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rotary Scholar of the Month - Lauren Fialdini

Lauren Fialdini, sophomore at Washougal High School, was selected by the staff as the October Rotary Scholar. She is the daughter of Mike and Susie Fialdini. Congratulations, Lauren!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shane Phillips and Molly Day, October Watercare Industrial Services Student of the Month

WHS senior and Eagle Scout, Shane Phillips is both a stellar student and an outstanding musician. Shane sets his sights high and consistently exceeds his goals. Each time he plays his saxophone in competitions, Shane strives to improve, and his energy gets his fellow band members pumped up and ready to play. Shane has excelled in his Advanced Placement classes and participated in the Washington Aerospace Scholars program last summer. Along with his academic, musical, and leadership abilities, Shane has a great sense of humor. All these qualities will carry him far.

An extremely talented flute and piccolo player, WHS senior Molly Day is described as a wonderful young lady. Molly serves as a section leader in Wind Ensemble (first chair) and in pep band. Pleasant and hard working, Molly provides a positive, motivating influence on other students in her role as a STAR mentor. She also excels in the visual arts and in her academic classes. Molly was one of three students who passed the AP chemistry exam last year. We know Molly will be a success in whatever she pursues.