Thursday, March 19, 2015

WHS Academic All Star List for Fall Semester 2014

The Washougal High School Academic All Stars for first semester were recently announced.   Each semester each department recognizes students from all grade levels who consistently demonstrated the type of qualities and behaviors that attribute to a “top academic performance.”  Students are given an Academic All-Star Certificate and are recognized at grade level assemblies.

Through this recognition, the WHS staff is able to share their appreciation for students who consistently demonstrate skills that potentially contribute to their successes in the classroom.  The following list provides a brief overview of the skills, work habits, and other character traits common among the students recognized:  Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Self Direction, Self Discipline, Oral and Written Communication, Adaptability, Leadership, Collaboration & Teamwork.

American Sign Language Madisen Baldwin 12
Anatomy & Physiology Ellie Schmid 12
Anatomy & Physiology Kaycee Zieman 12
Anatomy & Physiology Maddie Gregory 12
AP Calculus Maddie Gregory 12
AP Government Adam Krout 12
AP Government Jacqueline Steffanson 12
AP Physics Adam Krout 12
Chemistry Art Boyer 12
CTE - Applied Math Miranda Lynch 12
CTE - Child Development Emily Perkins 12
CTE - Computer Apps. Lena Hunsbedt 12
CTE - FACSE Beverly Carlson 12
CTE - FACSE Jolynn Wenick 12
CTE - Intro Drafting Sam Barnes 12
CTE - Intro Drafting Art Boyer 12
CTE - Metal Arts Heather Deulen 12
CTE - Woodworking I Shad Holsinger 12
Fine Arts - Art Brittani hauzen 12
Fine Arts - Band Maddie Gregory 12
Fine Arts - Choir Savanna Engbrecht 12
Fine Arts - Drama Sean Larson 12
Marine Biology Patrick Neill 12
Marine Biology Karina Miller 12
Medical Terminology Chelsa Jensen 12
Medical Terminology Tyler Bancke 12
Physical Education Art Boyer 12
Physical Education Beverly Carlson 12
Social Studies Carly Morris 12
Spanish III Karina Miller 12
American Sign Language Abigail Lawrence 11
Anatomy & Physiology Courtney Shelley 11
Anatomy & Physiology Cassie Tran 11
Anatomy & Physiology Katie Desimone 11
AP U.S. History Joshua Bischoff 11
AP U.S. History Taylor Billups 11
Biology Shondreka Luke 11
Biology Taylor Billups 11
Chemistry Wiwin Hartini 11
CTE - Child Development Dakota Payne 11
CTE - Computer Apps. DeAundre Summers 11
CTE - Drafting/CAD II Hunter Blackburn 11
CTE - FACSE Austin Kleha 11
CTE - FACSE Evelyn Walcott 11
CTE - Metals III Lucas Varner 11
CTE - Woodworking I Evelyn Walcott 11
Fine Arts - Band Becca Bennett 11
Fine Arts - Choir Shelbi Langston 11
Fine Arts - Drama Kailey Dayton 11
German II Joshua Bischoff 11
German III Chris Mishler 11
Japanese III Mitchell Myers 11
Marine Biology Bailey Hammond 11
Physical Education Jennifer Wilson 11
Physical Education Lee Campen 11
PreCalculus Joshua Bischoff 11
PreCalculus Aisha Marcos 11
Social Studies Riley Coffman 11
Social Studies Aisha Marcos 11
Social Studies Taylor Brown 11
Spanish I Wiwin Hartini 11
Spanish II Taylor Brown 11
Spanish III Courtney Shelley 11
Algebra II Ryan Krout 10
Algebra II Meghan Jackson 10
American Sign Language Mialisa Oster 10
Anatomy & Physiology Luke Toepfer 10
AP World History Ryan Krout 10
Biology Hannah Couture 10
Biology Ryan Perkins 10
Chemistry Kiersten Parker 10
CTE - Carpentry I Luis Farias 10
CTE - Carpentry I Andromeda Kolbe 10
CTE - Computer Apps. Ryan Krout 10
CTE - Computer Apps. Matthew Kutchera 10
CTE - Digital Photography Ashley Lamb 10
CTE - Digital Photography Kiersten Parker 10
CTE - Drafting Tanner Braun 10
CTE - FACSE Audrey Smith 10
CTE - FACSE  Rory Csanky 10
CTE - Metals I Joseph Allyn 10
CTE - Small Engine Repair Alex Bancroft 10
English Brooklynn Bailey 10
English Meghan Jackson 10
English Robert Wayper  10
English Dabrielle Lowman 10
English Kiersten Parker 10
English Anna Stanton 10
English Breanna Rushford 10
English Hannah Lintala 10
English  Christian Schicker 10
Fine Arts - Art Ryan Perkins 10
Fine Arts - Band  Robby Wayper 10
Fine Arts - Choir Laura Dills 10
Fine Arts - Drama Jocob Dye 10
Honors Biology Tai Barnett 10
Honors Biology Anna Stanton 10
Honors Biology Christian Schicker 10
Japanese II Lauren Scott 10
Medical Terminology Maralee Dakolios 10
Medical Terminology Robert Linde 10
Physical Education Savannah Metz 10
Social Studies Meghan Jackson 10
Spanish II Ryan Krout 10
Spanish II Miles Roberts 10
Spanish IV Steven Salazar 10
Algebra I Alexis Maniscalco 9
Algebra I Owen Jenkins 9
American Sign Language Kimberly Kanning 9
AP World History Emma Hein 9
Biology Maggie Hungerford 9
Biology Anna Sharp 9
Biology Braelyn Higdon 9
Biology Jalen Watts 9
Biology Kaitlyn Eck 9
Biology Anthony Esse 9
Chemistry Brendon Moen 9
CTE - Computer Apps. Levi Collins 9
CTE - Computer Apps. Emily McNeale 9
CTE - FACSE Kevin Klackner 9
CTE - FACSE Kyel Fisher 9
CTE - Intro Drafting Matthew Norvell 9
CTE - Metal Arts Giovonie Gallamore 9
English Jalen Watts 9
English Katherine Boon 9
English Andrea Gonzalez 9
English Alex Wilmoth 9
English Rebekah Muir 9
English Rebekah Schilling 9
English Julianne Ramme 9
Fine Arts - Art Anna Stanton 9
Fine Arts - Choir Jessie Larson 9
Fine Arts - Drama Samantha Eakins 9
Geometry Braelyn Higdon 9
German I Jeanine Jones 9
Honors Biology Marcus Bennett 9
Honors Biology Phoebe Walker 9
Honors Biology Emma Hein 9
Honors English Josh Hight 9
Japanese I Matthew Norvell 9
Medical Terminology Jared Davis 9
Physical Education Alexis Maniscalco 9
Physical Education Alec Langen 9
Social Studies Robert Wayper 9
Social Studies Austin Evans 9
Social Studies Luke Olson 9
Social Studies Kyel Fisher 9
Spanish I Tessa Anderson 9
Spanish I Andrea Gonzalez 9
Spanish I Josh Hight 9

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rotary Scholar of the Month for March 2015: Brooke Otto

Brooke Otto was selected as the Camas Washougal Rotary Scholar of the Month for March 2015.  Brooke is a sophomore at Washougal High School and has a GPA of 3.683.  Linda Barnes, CTE teacher, says Brooke is “cheerful, conscientious, and very positive” and adds that she is a “good influence on her peers.”  Her history teacher, Jeff Condon, describes Brooke as “always smiling and kind to her peers.”

Brooke’s Geometry teacher, Karen Wysaske, relates that “Brooke is an exemplary student and well liked by classmates.  She works hard to keep up and do good work in Geometry.”  She further adds that “She works well with her partner and is always cheerful.  She is eager to share and asks great questions. I really enjoy having her in class!”    Brooke is the daughter of Corey and Terri Otto.  Congratulations, Brooke!