Friday, June 20, 2014

WHS Sophomores Gain Job Interview Experience

Washougal High School sophomores were interviewed as a part of the Job Acquisition unit in the English classes of Michael Wareham, Marcee Salas and Heather Carver on June 10, 11 and 12.  Thirty-six community members from local businesses reviewed cover letters, applications resumes and interviewed the 181 students.  Students were dressed and prepared using job interview guidelines from Future Business Leaders of America.  For many students it was the first experience they have had in an interview situation and helped them learn and test these skills as they prepare to find that first job.

Gause Elementary Second Graders Host Famous Person Museum

Students, parents and staff of Gause Elementary School had a special visit with famous people from history such as Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg, Jane Goodall, Jackie Robinson and Milton Hersey at the “Famous Person Museum” in the Gause Library on June 18.

Those famous people were actually Julie Taie’s second grade students sharing research they had completed over the past five weeks.  The students stood like statues around the library, many dressed as the famous people they had studied. When someone touched the magic red dot on the back of their hand, they would come to life as that person and explain what had made them famous, many had memorized their entire speech.

“I am so proud of the kids,” remarked Taie.  “They did such a great job of researching and sharing their information.”  Through this project students learned and used skills in online research, reading non-fiction materials for important information, writing, creating posters and public speaking.

Samuel Evers chose baseball legend Jackie Robinson for his research project. “I wanted to do him because I love playing baseball,” Evers explained, wearing his own grass-stained Washougal baseball uniform and ball cap.  What surprised him most about Robinson was that he played many sports.  “His biggest challenge was being the only black player for the Dodgers”

Taie said she had incredible parent support on this project from Tracey Stinchfield, Jacqueline Chase, Jenae Dryden and Jess Lowery.  “I appreciate them so much and they really helped this come together.”

Thursday, June 19, 2014

On to FBLA Nationals for Two WHS Students

Two Washougal High School freshman, Sayre Glaser and Matthew Hickey, will be among the state finalists vying for a national title at the Future Business Leaders of American (FBLA) National Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN June 29 – July 2, 2014.

 “The FBLA National Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas,” said Kathy Sturdyvin-Scobba, WHS Teacher and FBLA Advisor.  “At our State Leadership Conferences, students competed in events testing their business knowledge and skills. These two students were top state winners and earned a chance to compete for national awards at the National Leadership Conference coming up.”

Glaser took third place at the Washington State competition in FBLA Principals and Procedures.  “I will compete by taking an online test about my knowledge of the FBLA organization,” Glaser explained.   To prepare for her competition, Glaser plans to spend a lot of time online at the FBLA website to learn its history, bi-laws, handbook, mission, goals, and rules of parliamentary procedure.  “I will really need to focus on all the details in the bi-laws.  And there are a lot of dates and names to remember too,” she said.

Matthew Hickey earned his spot at Nationals with a third place at State in “Introduction to Information Technology”   This event tests a student’s understanding of the impact of computer technology and how to effectively harness it to drive business.  To prepare for his online test, Hickey has been reading study guides and using flash cards.  “This is a new event this year so there is not a lot of study materials out there.  There were other similar topics so I am combining those,” he said.

“I really love technology.  I have even since I was a little kid,” Hickey said.  “I plan to go into some type of career that uses computer technology.  I’m just not sure what it will be yet.”

"As freshmen they came in with enthusiasm, drive, and dedication to FBLA. It was nice to see the immediate impact they had on the chapter,” said Sturdyvin-Scobba.  “As for the future Matt will take on the Public Relations Officer next year while we will miss Sayre due to her studying abroad."

In addition to the competing in the events they are slated for, the two are excited to take in workshops, participate in several open competitions and even a take a trip to a water park.

FBLA competitive events fall into three categories: individual, team, and chapter. Individual and team events focus on skills useful in leadership and career development; chapter events recognize overall achievement and performance in chapter management and growth.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jorge Trujillo-Pineda Awarded the Cheryl Trent Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Jorge Trujillo-Pineda, who was awarded the Cheryl Trent Memorial Scholarship at the Excelsior graduation ceremony on Friday, June 12, 2014.  Carol Boyden, EHS Principal, said Cheryl would have been very proud of Jorge's hard work and dedication to getting his diploma.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dakota Payne wins $500 Rotary Scholarship

Rotary Scholarship Winner: Dakota Payne
Dakota Payne, who won the Rotary Scholar of the Month in April,  was selected as the the Camas Washougal Rotary $500 scholarship winner for 2013-2014.  Dakota was recognized at the June 5th Rotary breakfast.

Dakota is a sophomore at Washougal High School and has a GPA of 3.62.  Barbara Samojedny, WHS Family and Consumer Science teacher, says that "I had Dakota in Food and You.  He was amazing!  He is one of those kids who always does the 'Right Thing.' He would stick up for kids and put other in their place if they needed it!  He was always pleasant and professional in his classroom behavior.  He is a great role model."  Rachel Webb, WHS Health and Fitness teacher, adds that "Dakota is a kind and polite young man to his peers and staff, and is always willing to do whatever it takes to go the extra mile.  I am so proud of him."

WHS Spanish teacher Rochelle Aiton describes Dakota as "a cheerful and dedicated presence in class.  He is cooperative and consistent."  Athletic Trainer Lisa Bennett notes that "I can always count on Dakota to be extremely polite, respectful, humble, and pleasant whenever I work with him or speak with him."  Mary LaFrance, ASB Secretary, adds that "I have found Dakota Payne to be one of the most polite and respectful young men at WHS.  He is so considerate and his manners are quite refreshing.  Dakota always has a smile on his face and seems willing to go the extra mile to help anyone.  My hope is that other students are watching him and following his example."

WHS Spanish teacher Brian Eggleston said "Dakota Payne is one of those small handful of students who are so attentive, respectful, and diligent in all that comes his way that a teacher counts his blessings to have him in a class.  The phrase “eager to learn” describes Dakota perfectly in his intermediate Spanish class.  He enjoys learning new concepts and practicing them in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.  He also works well with any partner I select for him, and brings a consistently positive attitude that I know others appreciate too.  It can be rare to see a teenager so consistently positive in his attitude each and every day.  But Dakota seems to know that all of these learning experiences are really rehearsals for later life challenges, and so we at WHS see him each day in class and in athletics building strong character, integrity, effort, and self-discipline.  It is truly rewarding for a teacher to see such a fine young man enjoying life's challenges.  As he continues his studies I have full confidence that Dakota can reach fluency in another language, and given his intelligence, he'll continue to progress very well in all academic areas.  But just as importantly, he is developing into an extremely well-rounded and ethical person, and a valuable role model for other youth."

Dakota is the son of Gregory and Jodi Payne.  Congratulations Dakota!