Wednesday, June 16, 2010

State Representative Ed Orcutt attends Gause Elementary School Project Citizen presentations

Gause Elementary School welcomed State Representative Ed Orcutt, R-18th Legislative District, to view Project Citizen presentations by fifth grade students in June. Project Citizen is a culminating research and presentation project for all fifth graders in Washougal School District. Topics chosen by students were centered on two areas of interest, energy conservation as a public policy issue in Washougal schools and education in the arts. Gause principal Rex Larson invited Representative Orcutt as an opportunity for the legislator to observe the quality of student learning that exemplifies Washougal schools. At the end of the presentations, Representative Orcutt commented on the level of knowledge shared by students in their presentations and particularly the expertise demonstrated in fielding questions posed by the judging panelists. Fifth grade teachers at Gause Elementary include Malcolm Estes, Eric Engebretson, Erin Darling and Mandy Busby.