Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"You've Been Flocked" Grad Night Fundraiser

Washougal Grad Night Parents are trying a new fundraiser this year. Families may be waking up to a yard full of pink flamingos between now and November 23. The flock of roosting flamingos can be removed at no charge within 48 hours, however, recipients can also request a yard for the birds to migrate to next. For a suggested donation of $20 the Grad Night parents will move the flamingos to the yard of your choice - prehaps an unsuspecting friend or neighbor. Not interested in having the flamingos at all? No problem. Insurance is available for $5 to guarantee there will not be a flocking at your home. Download the order form using this link.

Grad Night parents, who are assuming the role of flockers, want to assure the community that no unsupervised students will be participating in this activity and that this fundraiser is intended to be all in fun and has no malicious intent at all.