Friday, October 29, 2010

Watercare Industrial Services Student Achievement Highlight November 2010

Kyle Taisacan

WHS senior Kyle Taisacan calls himself “selfless”, and that is truly what he is. He has a heart of a warrior in that it is true and loyal; and he approaches life in the same vein. If you need help, ask Kyle; if you want a friend, ask Kyle; and if you need conviction, ask Kyle. This outstanding and hard-working student has compassion for the “underdogs” in life and has a fire inside to get things done. His dream one day is to own a recording studio so that he may fund charities to help others. Kyle is the soft and steady voice in a roaring storm and he will always be there for you.

Shayna Service

Though WHS senior Shayna service appears quiet, don’t let that fool you. A hard worker who loves music, sewing, and reading, Shayna motivates others to work hard as well. A wonderful friend, Shayna enjoys helping others. Asked once what she would do if she won the lottery, she simply smiled and said, “I’d give it to someone that really needed it.” This talented young woman has been busy assisting with the creation of costumes for the WHS drama productions. Her dream one day is to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in California to study costume design. Full of joy and beauty, to know Shayna is to love her. Perhaps one day she will be the winner of “Project Runway”!