Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WHS student selected to study in Germany next year

Washougal High School is proud to announce that sophomore Eidelynn Stagg has won the prestigious Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange scholarship. This all-expenses paid, full academic year stay in Germany is funded by both the United States and Germany. Her trip begins in July with a one-week stay in Washington D.C. Upon her arrival in Germany, Eidelynn will attend a four-week, intensive immersion program of language study. After meeting her permanent host family, Eidelynn will attend the Gymnasium in her city which is the prep school for university students in Germany. Eidelynn is one of only 250 students selected throughout the United States.

Although applicants without formal language training may apply, Eidelynn feels that her two- year- long study of the German language at Washougal High School allowed her to show her commitment to and love for the study of other cultures. Not only will Eidelynn have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding for one of the United States’ most important business and political partners, she will be a great representative for our state and country.

WHS German teacher Susan Lewallen calls the program an amazing opportunity for high school students. "Because only 250 students are selected throughout the U.S. each year, it's noteworthy that WHS has sent a representative nearly every year since the program began in 1983," said Lewallen. "WHS students consistently grow and succeed through this program and Eidelynn's two years of German instruction will be a tremendous asset to her during her stay," said Lewallen, who has been the German language teacher at WHS for 29 years.