Monday, September 12, 2011

Flamingo Flocking for Grad Night 2012

Join the fun and send a flock of lawn flamingos to a friend or neighbor. Flocking starts on September 1st and the feathers will be flying!

Flamingo flocking is a fun way to support Grad Night, get a leg up

on the competition, order your flock today!

• Flocks will “fly south” after Thanksgiving Break and return in the Spring 2012

• For more information contact Julie Down @ 835-7266

• Washougal and Camas addresses only please

• Order forms are at WHS or online through WHS links or email for wp.doc or pdf of order form

• Insurance to prevent flocks from landing in your yard is only $5, see order form

• Special event flocking must be arranged in advance, please call Julie for info