Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Washougal's 2012 Teacher of the Year - James Bennett

WHS Physics Teacher Jay Bennett, Washougal Teacher of the Year!

Washougal School District is proud to announce that Jay Bennett has received the 2012 Teacher of the Year award.  Mr. Bennett teaches math and physics, including Advanced Placement Physics, at Washougal High School.  He has been teaching for 13 years, 12 of those in Washougal, since graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in Physics.  

Mr. Bennett is an exceptional educator with a passion for his subject, who strives daily to make physics interesting and applicable to the real world for his students.  His communication with students and parents is also unparalleled.  He uses a teacher website to provide course syllabi, homework packets, practice tests and many additional educational resources and videos to families.  Mr. Bennett also frequently emails students and parents with assignment deadline reminders and updates.

In a recent letter from a Washougal High School parent, Mr. Bennett was praised for “communicating in a style that draws his students in and makes them want to learn the material, even to the point of re-teaching it to their families at home.”   The parent thanked Mr. Bennett for  “finding ways to help students and parents be successful in his challenging physics course”.  

Washougal School District also thanks Mr. Bennett for his deep dedication to students and student learning.  Congratulations, Mr. Bennett!