Friday, February 15, 2013

Canyon Creek Middle School Played Host to Parents in the Classroom

 The population at Canyon Creek Middle School jumped by nearly 80 students on February 13 when they hosted the first ever “Take Your Parent to School Day.”

“The goal was to bring parents in to give them first-hand experience in the classrooms and to see what their students are learning and how they are being taught,” said CCMS principal, Sandi Christensen. “We had no idea how many parents and grandparents would come and we are so pleased that this many came out.  When we had about 60 RSVPs I let the kids know that it is ok to have your parents come… you won’t be the only one!”

Some adults got more than they bargained for with a math quiz, spelling test and a good old-fashioned game of PE dodge ball!

For a number of parents it was their first visit in to the classrooms at CCMS.  “It has been a long time since I’ve sat in a class,” said Tammy Thomson, mother of 8th grader Caitlin.  “Things have changed a lot like the use of computers.  It is also nice to get an idea of Caitlin’s daily schedule and put a face with the names of her teachers. It has been really fun and interesting.”

At the conclusion of 6th period, Christensen handed out a homework assignment, asking parents to complete a survey about the day. One parent summed up the value of this type of experience; “I learned a lot of new perspectives and can parent more effectively in regards to school.  I really saw areas where I can help my daughter be more organized and give her tips on how she can do even better.”

“I had quite a few parents thank me for this opportunity,” Christensen added.  “It was a real education for them.  And I think the students enjoyed it too.”
Abby Lees helps her mom, Teresa, work through a science worksheet at Take Your Parent to School Day at Canyon Creek Middle School.