Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hathaway Elementary Band Members Joined by New Horizons Band in Concert

Hathaway Elementary band members experienced being part of a big 55-piece band when they were joined by the New Horizons Band at an assembly on June 12. New Horizon Band, founded by the late Dale Beacock of Beacock Music, consists of adults of various ages and musical ability.

 “Our 5th Grade Band students sat next to musicians who played the same instrument they chose and quietly and politely watched them play their music.  It was a really big sound that surprised the kids at times when the music got pretty loud,” said Amy Switzer, Hathaway music teacher.

Switzer said the conversations that took place between students and the New Horizons Band members were very thoughtful and meaningful for both sides.  “As a music teacher, I tell my students and their families that learning the language of music and to play an instrument is a gift that can last a lifetime.  The students got to actually experience exactly what I'm talking about!

“Our experience with the New Horizons Band was so incredible and touching not only for the band students but for the entire student body and staff,” Switzer added.