Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Take your parent to school day at Canyon Creek

The student population at Canyon Creek Middle School grew by more than 70 on Tuesday, October 29, as parents joined their students for the second annual “Take your parent to school day.”

Principal Sandi Christensen was excited for parents to spend time in class with their students. “There are a lot of opportunities for them to come into the elementary schools, but parent involvement really drops off in middle school,” she said.  “We want to encourage our parents to make connections with the school and their students and know they are welcomed here.”

CCMS School Counselor, Michele Mederos said parents get more out of this experience than the students.  “Education has changed a lot since these parents were in school,” she said. “While students enjoy their parent's presence and showing them around, parents get valuable insight out of the experience. They come away with a better understanding of what their kids are exposed to and get a flavor of the higher expectations they are working under.  That helps the parents realize how to be more supportive of their students.”