Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cape Life Skills Assembly

The area of study of Cape Horn Skye Elementary 4th and 5th graders goes beyond reading, writing, science and math as they participate in monthly "Life Skills" assemblies.

“The 4th/5th grade teachers got together to determine which social skills (or Life skills) would be most important to teach to send kids on from Cape as responsible students,” said fourth grade teacher, Darcy Hickey. “Each month another life skill is showcased; in September our focus was on integrity, October was organization, and this month is friendship.” Other life skills the teachers will feature are effort, initiative, problem solving, flexibility, and perseverance.

“We also felt that it was important for the fifth grade students to be put in a leadership role during these assemblies by creating posters, as well as participating in skits that display the life skill of the month,” Hickey explained.  The friendship assembly featured 5th grade students speaking as famous people who had tremendous friends help them in life.

Fifth grader Hayley Courtney spoke as Helen Keller and the importance of her special friendship with teacher, Ann Sullivan.