Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cape Horn-Skye Students Give to Animals in Need

Fourth grade students at Cape Horn-Skye Elementary received a lesson in empathy this week as they create snuggle blankets for animals that find themselves living at the Clark County Humane Society shelter in Vancouver.

"A sense of compassion for animals, as well as people, is important for our students to experience," said Cape Horn-Skye fourth grade teacher Alice Yang.  The students worked in small groups to create a unique blanket to donate to an animal in need. "The project also teaches them that it can feel great to do something good for someone else.  Plus they are having fun and learning to work together with friends."

The next step for the students will be an actual visit to the Clark County Humane Society to see the animals there.  Half of the fourth graders went on January 23 and the balance will visit on January 30. "They will get to see the process the animals go through when they arrive and also see the vital role the volunteers play."  Students will even have the opportunity to watch spaying and neutering procedures through an observation window.  "Many students this age dream of being a veterinarian," said Yang. "This will give them an idea if they have the stomach for that type of work."

Fourth grade student Julianne Baker said she is looking forward to visiting the Clark County Humane Society   Although she has never been there, her family did adopt a puppy from the shelter.  "I don't think it will be a very happy place," she said. "I hope the blankets make the animals happier."