Thursday, March 6, 2014

Excelsior High School Students Learn Sculpting Techniques

Excelsior High School students in Washougal experienced the fun and creative challenge of ceramic sculpting from visiting artist James DeRosso on February 27.

DeRossa lead the class through basic clay sculpting techniques focused on creation of clay monsters.  He then instructed them on the proper technique to make small, special touches that would give their creation character and life. The students created monsters that showed different poses, emotions, and personalities.

“This was one of the most popular activities we have ever done at Excelsior,” said Carol Boyden, EHS principal. “Even students who were skeptical at the beginning of the class were totally enthusiastic by the time all the monsters were completed and staring back at them. They are eagerly awaiting their little friends' return!”

The pieces will be glazed and fired off site for the students.  The class was paid for by donations earned through Michelle’s Coffee Corner coffee cup creation fund raising projects in December 2013.