Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cape Horn-Skye Students Give Gift of Hope

Cape Horn-Skye Elementary School students in Darcy Hickey’s third grade class decided to give the gift of hope as a holiday project this year.

“After reading the book The Giving Tree, students discussed how they could give this season,” Hickey explained.  “They decided to write inspirational quotes on paper ornaments and decorate Christmas a tree with them.”  The quotes are intended to encourage those who are hurting and need some words of encouragement.  The tree was delivered to Prestige Care in Camas on Friday, December 19.  Residents and patients are able to visit the Giving Tree and choose an ornament that will help them if they are having a difficult time.

“The tree will make people happy,” said student Leila Tienhaara. “If they are sad or if they have no one to visit them they can go to the tree and read something to make them happy.”

“I have been in tears reading some of the thoughtful words on our tree,” Hickey said.  “I have no doubt these words will make a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives.”

Student Jack Ringo agrees that the tree will help brighten the day of those who may need it. “This is nice because they might be suffering and sick. If they have someone help them get to the tree and read something on it they will cry because they are happy.”

The students researched inspirational quotes from famous people online.  They also came up with their own words to share.  “I like the one that says 'You are a shooting star," said Nikko Speer. “It’s written on a star.  And it is on top of the tree, because it is a star.”

Delivery of the tree became a class field trip when the kids expressed that they would like to go along too.  “I thought it was too late to arrange, but it all came together,” Hickey said.  “The kids also had the idea of singing their concert songs and caroling around the building.  Students have the best ideas.  This has been a wonderful project.”