Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rotary Scholar of the Month for January 2015: Joshua Stout

Joshua Stout was selected as the Camas Washougal Rotary Scholar of the Month for January 2015.  Joshua is a sophomore at Washougal High School and has a GPA of 3.950.  Marcee Salas, Joshua’s English Teacher, describes him as “hard working, polite, and an overall great student.”  Salas further adds that “he always turns in every assignment and is a major contributor to class discussions.”

Brian Eggleston, Joshua’s Spanish Teacher, adds that “Josh has a natural spirit of inquiry that I would love to see in more students; he enjoys learning new concepts and practicing them in speaking, reading, writing, and listening, and he asks thoughtful questions to deepen his skills and knowledge.”  Eggleston notes that “he also works well with any partner I select for him, and brings a consistently positive attitude and strong work ethic that I know others appreciate too.  He stands out as an avid learner with a bright future.”  Eggleston also adds that “I can also tell that his efforts and attitude in class are a mirror of his work outside of the classroom too, where he strives through self-discipline and helping others to become a better person each day.  From what I know of Joshua, I am confident that he richly deserves this award and is an ideal example for other youths to follow in many ways.”

Geometry Teacher Karen Wysaske says “Josh is one of the hardest working students I have ever had.  He perseveres no matter how challenging the problems are.”  In her work with Joshua she has found that “he comes in frequently to check his understanding, ask questions, and to complete work,” and that “he takes his time and meticulously shows his work to demonstrate his understanding in Geometry.”  Joshua is the son of Harley and Sierra Stout.  Congratulations Joshua!