Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rotary Scholar of the Month for February 2015: Rebecca (Millie) Munster

Rebecca (Millie) Munster was selected as the Camas Washougal Rotary Scholar of the Month for January 2015.  Millie is a sophomore at Washougal High School and has a GPA of 3.87.  Jeff Condon, Millie’s AP US History Teacher, shares that “She wants to understand why things happened, how they happened, the impact they had…” and that she “has a strong work ethic that serves her well.”   Geometry Teacher Karen Wysaske adds that “Millie does Geometry well, showing and explaining her thinking.  Her work is neat and clear.  She is dedicated to her success.”

Millie’s Spanish Teacher, Rochelle Aiton, describes her as “an athletic, intelligent and determined student.”  She further says “When she sets her mind to a task she accomplishes it with tenacity.”  Biology Teacher Pauline Rule also sees great characteristics in Millie.  She says “Millie is an outstanding all-around student. Intelligent, hard-working, respectful, polite, and fun!”  She adds that Millie “Enjoys learning and her fine mind is always working ahead...she is the quintessential student who will ask the question that is a segue into the next topic.”  Millie is the daughter of Armando and Natalie Rivas. Congratulations Millie!