Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gause First Graders Catch the Learning Bug

First graders in Marvina Bugajski’s class at Gause Elementary became “bug experts” on a wide variety of insects and then shared their knowledge with other students, parents and the community at an Insect Showcase, February 12.

“The students completed their research for this informational writing lesson about insects using books and the internet,” said Bugajski.  “This year we did a lot more research online.  They used what they found for writing the poster information at school and then created a diorama as a family project at home.”

Parent Kristie Williams was impressed with how much daughter, Sawyer, knew about bugs and took leadership in the family project to create her diorama.  “I took her to the store but she knew what she needed like trees and grass because that is where the insect lives,” she said.  “Her dad helped cut the dowels used for trees and hung the butterflies and sister even donated the box.  It was fun to work together on.”

“The students get so excited about the insects and love to share it with their family,” Bugajski said.  “They really take ownership of the project and then love to tell people what they learned.”