Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free Breakfast Week Nov. 7-11, 2011

Free Breakfast Week (November 7 - 11, 2011)

Students at all grade levels in the Washougal School District will have access to breakfast at no charge from November 7-11, 2011. For this week, regardless of the student’s free and reduced status, all schools in the district will offer free breakfast. It is our hope that exposure to the school breakfast program will encourage children who might normally skip breakfast to eat breakfast on a regular basis.

According to studies, the benefits of eating breakfast include:
•    Eating breakfast can help improve math, reading, and standardized test scores.
•    Children who eat breakfast are more likely to behave better in school and get along with their peers than those who do not.
•    Breakfast helps children pay attention, perform problem-solving tasks, and improves memory.
•    Children who eat school breakfast are likely to have fewer absences and incidents of tardiness than those who do not.
•    By eating breakfast, students get more of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, dietary fiber, folate and protein.
•    Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast on a regular basis are less likely to be overweight.
•    Eating breakfast as a child is important for establishing healthy habits for later in life.
•    School Breakfast provides ¼ the recommended amounts of protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C for the day.�