Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rotary Scholar of the Month for December: Jacueline Steffanson

Jacueline Steffanson was selected as the Camas Washougal Rotary Scholar of the Month for December 2012. Jacueline is a sophomore at Washougal High School and has a 4.0 GPA and is at the top of her class.  Scott Boothy, her Social Studies Teacher, says that Jacueline “is one of those kids that always stays on task and works to her potential.”  He adds that “her work ethic and attitude inspire her peers to work to their potential as well.”

AP Literature Teacher Sheila Good describes Jacueline “is a real joy to have in class” saying she is “dedicated to her work, and also to giving her best effort.”  She wishes she had “900 more students just like Jackie!”  Honors Biology Teacher Pauline Rule lists Jacueline as quiet, studious, intelligent, hard working, friendly, and eager to learn.  Spanish Teacher Rochelle Aiton adds that Jacueline “is diligent in her academics, thorough in her work, and knowledgeable in her subjects” and that she has “a peaceful countenance that makes her a joy to have in class.”

Her parents are Bruce and Susan Steffanson.  Congratulations, Jacueline!