Tuesday, December 11, 2012

VFW Essay Contest Winners

Two Cape Horn-Skye students, Tyler Conrad and Maddox Edwards were among a group of Washougal Students recognized by the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) for their essays written for Veteran's Day.   The students were honored during an assembly, and received a certificate from Bill Menton, Ray Loney, and Bob Hitchock.  

Pictured left to right, in the back row are Bob Hitchcock, Ray Loney, and Bill Menton, with Tyler Conrad and Mattox Edwards in the front row.

Here are their winning essays:

I show love for my country in lots of different ways. Some of these
ways are by learning USA history, protecting others and respecting our

Learning United States history is important to me because it helps me
learn about veterans and wars. It also helps us understand how our
freedom was won. Lastly, learning about our history will help me
understand what our country's values and laws are.

Protecting others is really important to me. Stand up means to stick
up for someone if they are getting hurt. Stand up means to help a
friend. If your friend needs help you would find another friend or a
teacher to help.

Our leaders, the president and our city's mayor are important. We
need to respect them by following the laws and talking kind and
respectful about them. Others we need to respect would be our moms
and dads. We should always be polite to them and follow their

I show love for my country by respecting my family, my leaders,
following laws and rules, loving others and learning everything that I
can about my country.
 - Tyler Conrad

The best way to show love for my country is to celebrate the Fourth
of July. Celebrating the Fourth of July is celebrating the birthday of
America. I celebrate the Fourth of July by shooting Roman Candles,
lighting sparklers, and participating in many other colorful and loud
displays. To show my love for my country I can wear red, white and
blue to be patriotic. I can walk in a parade to celebrate my country's

Another way that I show love for my country is to donate time,
money, toys, clothes and food to nearby charities. Showing love for
others is showing love for my country. My family and friends donate
furniture and clothes to a local clothes closet. Our church and its
members, including me, make care packages for the homeless. The
packages include socks, food, toothpaste, a toothbrush and a Bible.

Another way to show love for my country is to recycle. My family and
I recycle paper, plastic glass and metal. Twice a month we take the
recycling items to the transfer station. Recycling is also a way to help
the environment and the Earth. I can also show love for my country and
the Earth by picking up trash and not littering.

I like celebrating the Fourth of July, but I know that when I help
others and when I recycle, that also shows my love for my country.
 - Mattox Edwards