Friday, May 28, 2010

Hathaway Elementary receives Green School Certification

Hathaway Elementary has received Washington Green Schools certification
thanks to the efforts of a group of staff, students and community working to
make changes that positively impact the environment.

To achieve certification, the Hathaway Elementary "Green Team" conducted a
rigorous assessment of the school's energy use. The Green Team, led by
Hathaway teacher Cathy Burrows, completed a six-page survey, measured
windows, and conducted a thorough walk-through of the building.

The Green Team concluded that it could make the most impact in reducing
energy usage if computers, lights and electrical equipment were turned off
at night and if blinds were closed at night.

As a result of the assessment, the Green Team developed and carried out an
action plan that resulted in a large monthly savings in kilowatts.

"The kids were thrilled to see such a substantial savings in kilowatts,"
said Burrows.

A chart in the hallway tracks energy usage and progress towards goals so
that students and staff can see the progress.

Community member Dave Burnham led an effort in recycling. Recyclables from
each classroom were weighed and students and staff made an effort to reduce
their paper use. As a result, trash collection is not needed as frequently.

Burrows' first grade class previously used two garbage cans, but now needs
just one small one. Students have adopted the habit of recycling and reusing
paper when possible

"My class is so happy to be helping the environment by conserving energy and
saving paper," said Burrows.

The Green Team is composed of eight students from various grade levels,
staff and parent volunteers. Student representatives from the Green Team are
videotaped, presenting Green Team updates. The video is then shown to all
Hathaway students as part of the morning announcements on "Woof TV".

"I am so proud of the students on the Green Team," said parent volunteer
Darcy Bjorklund. "They have given up their time throughout the school year
to attend meetings where they plan the agenda, present their information,
and plan the next step. Since October 2009, they've helped their school to
save over 50,000 kWh of electricity!"

Energy conservation is one of Washougal School District's key initiatives
for the next few years. In addition to joining with Washington Green
Schools, Washougal School District has also partnered with the City of
Washougal to assist with the process. Pamela Tuite, a member of the city's
Planning Commission as well as its Sustainability Taskforce, worked with district
staff in the fall to provide training and support.

The Washougal School District Board of Directors will review a new Energy
and Resource Conservation policy for adoption in June.

The statewide Washington Green Schools program provides resources for
schools to reduce their campus environmental footprint and utility costs.
Key goals of the initiative include student leadership and community

Other areas supported by the Washington Green Schools initiative are toxics
reduction and indoor air quality, transportation and outdoor air quality,
and water quality and conservation on campus.

Hathaway staff and students will be recognized at a school assembly June 9
at 9:30 a.m. Erin Rowland from the Clark County Dept. of Environmental Services,
and a  member of the Washington Green Schools program. will present the school
with a flag and certificate.

Green Team student members are: Alyssa Barnett, Trillum Allison, Bailee
Watkins, Jade Darrow, Kianna Landon, Paeton Landon, Gunnar Bjorklund,
Jake Klackner and Everest Krabbenhoff.,

Staff members on the Green Team are: Gretchen McLellan,  Cathy Burrows,
Chung Savoie, Laura Bolt, Lindsey Hutchins,  Guy Havens, Kelli
Dizmang, Karen Perez, Debbie Mazour, Lisa Ka'aihue, and Marcia Hershaw.

Community representatives on the Green Team: Darcy Bjorklund, Dave Burnham
and Cheryl Baumgardner.

Washington Green Schools is funded by a grant from the Washington State
Department of Ecology. For more information, visit