Saturday, May 8, 2010

WSD teachers earn National Board Certification

Washougal School District teachers Scott Rainey, Jemtegaard Middle School, and Brian Amundson, Washougal High School, earned National Board certification this year.

Certification is a one- to three-year-long introspective process that requires teachers to submit a four-part portfolio and a six-exercise content and pedagogy assessment. The four entries document a teacher’s success in the classroom as evidenced by his or her students’ learning. The portfolio is then assessed by a national panel of peers.

Brian Amundson says although the process was time-consuming, it was well worth it. “I decided to pursue national board certification because I had heard from others that it was a worthwhile process,” says Amundson. “It forced me to deeply evaluate and reflect on what I do in the classroom - everything from learning objectives and instruction to assessment.”

Scott Rainey says the process fostered his own learning and forced him to analyze his teaching practices. “Not just as a teacher, but as a person I believe in being a lifelong learner,” said Rainey.