Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hathaway science fair inspires young scientists

Hathaway fifth graders from Mr. Schlauch’s and Ms. Kurtz's classes participated in a Science Fair April 22. Students were required to choose a project, follow the scientific process, make a slide presentation on their iPad, and create a display board. The 49 young scientists shared their hard work and creativity with parents and other Hathaway students who attended the fair.

Students tested freezing temperatures, tested sounds with homemade “telephones”, created slime, and generated reactions with baking soda, vinegar, Mentos and soda pop.

Lauren Widmer: Flowers of the Rainbow. Lauren added food coloring to the water of white daisies over a six-day period to see how the daisies absorbed the color and how the various colors behaved differently.
Retired WHS science teacher Bruce Stanton was on hand to see what students had created and offer his scientific observations as well.

Marinah Vargo: The Soap Experiment. Marinah tested Charles’ Law, “As the temperature of a gas increases, so does its volume.”  Marinah microwaved Dial and Ivory soaps and found that their volume expanded greatly as they were heated.
“I was very impressed with the overall professionalism that these Hathaway fifth graders were able to maintain throughout the entire fair,” said teacher Andrew Schlauch. “I especially enjoyed watching them take on the role of the expert and teach their newly mastered concept to their peers, family members, teachers, and community members. I had multiple parents express their excitement and appreciation about the enthusiasm towards science they saw in their students for the first time. One parent told me that this fair has sparked a life long interest in science that may have never been. I am definitely looking forward to doing this again next year.”

Gabriel Hoffman: The Lucky Number 6. Gabriel invited fair participants to attempt to draw a number 6 while rotating their leg clockwise. His research supported the conclusion that as humans have evolved, we have not developed same side anti-coordination.